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Los Gatos zip code mapsWelcome to Los Gatos, a charming town located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a visitor exploring the area, understanding the neighborhoods and their unique characteristics is essential. That’s where the Los Gatos Zip Code Map comes in.

With the Los Gatos Zip Code Map, you can more easily navigate the town’s distinct neighborhoods, from the vibrant downtown area to the peaceful residential communities. This map allows you to explore each zip code, providing valuable insights into the amenities, attractions, and lifestyle of the different areas. Are you searching for a bustling neighborhood with trendy shops and world-class dining? Or perhaps a serene community surrounded by nature and outdoor recreational opportunities? The Los Gatos Zip Code Map will help you discover the perfect neighborhood that fits your preferences and lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking to relocate, plan a visit, or simply learn more about Los Gatos, the zip code map is your ultimate guide to exploring the town’s diverse neighborhoods. Start your journey today and unlock the secrets of Los Gatos with the Los Gatos Zip Code Map.

Overview of Los Gatos zip code map

The Los Gatos zip code map covers the several zip codes for Los Gatos. Sometimes people ask “what is the zip code of Los Gatos?”, but it’s not one – it’s several, postal codes. The three Los Gatos zip codes are

  • 95030 This is the zip code covering most of the downtown and historic areas and also the area between Los Gatos and Saratoga on the west side of Los Gatos-Saratoga Road. Further, most of Monte Sereno is in this same postal code. If you want to buy in one of the historic districts, this is your zip code!
  • 95032 This zip code is the most stretched out. Some of it is close to downtown Los Gatos, but it also reaches to the far east end of town, the far west end of town, and the north end of town. A little sliver of Monte Sereno shares this zone, too.
  • 95033. The last one is in the coastal mountain range, also known as the Los Gatos Mountains or sometimes the Santa Cruz Mountains. This area has a Los Gatos mailing address, but it’s an unincorporated area, not part of the town. There are many smaller communities in the mountains.

There’s one more zip code associated with the town, and that’s 95031, used only for post office boxes.

Explaining the Los Gatos zip code map

Some recent changes to the zip code boundaries should be mentioned. A few years back, the post office reorganized the way that 95030 and 95032 split up most of the 9 or 10 square miles which comprise the “town of Los Gatos”. It used to be an east-west divide, and now it’s closer to a north and south split, but not exactly that either.

I love this map because it looks as odd as the new distribution feels!  The 95033 zip code is unincorporated, mostly in Santa Clara County, but as you can see, much of it falls west of highway 35 (Skyline Blvd) and is in Santa Cruz County.  When a home has the 95033 zip code, it is analogous to the property being “in the mountains”.

Here’s a map of the “in town” areas of Los Gatos. Note the strange borderlines!

Los Gatos zip code map – in town

A little of 95033 is in the incorporated area of Los Gatos, but most is not.


Map of Los Gatos zip codes


Los Gatos zip code map – mountains area, 95033

And a similar map showing 95033 (mailing address Los Gatos). As you can see, it’s not the only mountain area zip code, but it’s the only one with a Los Gatos mailing address.

The border with Santa Cruz County sometimes is right at Summit Road, but other times just close to it. Something that can surprise folks is seeing homes in Santa Cruz County, rather than Santa Clara County, with a Los Gatos address.


Map of Los Gatos 95033


Zip codes and schools:

Neither the town’s boundaries nor the zip code boundaries line up with the school district boundaries.  There are homes in both 95032 and 95030 which are in the Los Gatos School District, for instance – though nearly all of 95030 is “in the schools”. (And just as confusing – a few homes in San Jose’s Almaden Valley with a 95120 zip code are in the Los Gatos School District too.)


(1) Monte Sereno shares the 95030 and the 95032 zip codes with Los Gatos

(2) There are some funky pockets near the town’s borders where the homes may actually belong to Los Gatos but have a zip code of the neighboring community or vice versa – this is rare, but it happens.

  • A patch of Campbell near Pollard and Quito has a Los Gatos 95032 mailing address, but it’s actually Campbell.
  • Another pocket of Los Gatos near National and Carlton has a mailing address of San Jose 95124, but it’s actually part of the town of Los Gatos.
  •  Part of Blossom Hill Road with a LG mailing address is actually San Jose, 95124 (Cambrian).
  • An area near Leigh High (parts of Noella, Selinda, and others) is also in San Jose, but the mailing address is again Los Gatos 95032

Zip codes in Los Gatos can be frustrating to understand, since they don’t line up with schools, town boundaries, and they sometimes have bits far from the main area of that postal code.

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