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April 27, 2007

http://www.LosGatosObserver.comThe researcher has become the researched. Recently The Los Gatos Observer, a site I use for catching up on the town’s news and events, did a nice review of my writings about Los Gatos on my websites and in this blog. You can read Alastair Dallas’s glowing piece here: Los Gatos Realtor Never Sleeps. Friends and colleagues lauded his post, and suggestions came in about how I might get more rest. Perhaps he just knew, the day it was being released, what kind of a week I was about to have? (Several very long days, and, well, not much sleep. Talk about good reporting!)

So, Los Gatos, where do you get your news and information? How do you stay current on the town’s doings? Here are some of my best online sources for Los Gatos News, Events, and History:

Los Gatos Observer:
Los Gatos Daily News:
Los Gatos Weekly Times:
San Jose Mercury News:

Town Website:
Chamber of Commerce:

Los Gatos Weekly Times:

Am I missing one? Let me know and I’ll add it!