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Pottery Planet signRecently my family and I paid a visit to Pottery Planet in Los Gatos. We were impressed by the large selection and the friendly staff, so wanted to share our experience. Our landscape designer had recommended it to us and that was a great call.

The Los Gatos Pottery Planet showcases pottery of all kinds, garden art, fountains, pots, Talavera tile pots and art, and statuary. If you are thinking of updating your yard, this is a wonderful place to browse and start to formulate ideas on what would be just the right enhancement.

As soon as we parked, we were given a friendly welcome and an invitation to ask if we needed any help. A couple more times, various employees offered to be of assistance to us. It was the right balance of them being present if needed but also giving us our space to take a look around at our own pace. No pressure, just help!

Also, I should note that we parked right next to some of the Los Gatos Cats. These can be hard to find – but not easy to miss here!


Pottery Planet - Los Gatos Cats


We did park inside, where there were several spaces available. There’s also some street parking available on Winchester.

Checking out Pottery Planet

Near the front of the parcel, which some locals may remember as a nursery before Pottery Planet was here, we found a nice display of bubbler fountains. That’s what I was most interested in checking out, so it was our first stop. I love this cobalt blue one!


Pottery Planet bubbler fountains

I learned from Thomas, who was quite helpful, that any vase can be converted into a fountain (at a very low cost). He also showed me an option to include a light inside of the fountain, which must look pretty at night.

Most of the store is outdoors and has some shade. There are a couple of rooms, one of them full of talavera items.

Talavera Room at Pottery Planet in Los Gatos


Many of them are the multi-colored vases, yard art, nick nacks, etc., but some have just a couple of colors, such as blue and white, dark yellow and a creamier yellow, and so on. It’s quite varied. If you love Talavera, you will be in this room for awhile!

Talavera tile - sunshine colors

We spent about a half hour there and it was extremely helpful for us in understanding costs and timelines for various elements for our backyard project.  Thomas ran the numbers on a set of items we liked and now we have a working budget for the fountain and related items. So helpful! We will definitely be back when it’s time to buy the fountain and pots for the “new” yard.

I’ll share some photos to provide a sense of what it’s like, but there’s nothing like going in person, so if you are looking for fountains, yard décor, or other landscaping accent pieces, do pay Pottery Planet a visit.


Photos of Pottery Planet


The pottery included glazed and unglazed items, big and small, round and squared, serious and whimsical.


Pots galore at Pottery Planet in Los Gatos


The colors vary, but there are a lot of blues, greens, pale creams, and earth tones.


Fountain and ceramic pots


Some of the items are secular, others are religious.


Statues and yard art - Mary Angel Face


I love this happy Buddha!


 Happy Buddha at Pottery Planet


Love this Tiki pot, too!




I do wish I’d taken photos of the Talavera tile room. We have several Talavera items at home (a large pot, a fountain on the fence, and a  frog) and I think Jim is sometimes concerned that I may not know when to stop. Clair found a beautiful Talavera royal blue or cobalt blue Fleur-de-lis that was very tempting (especially at only $12!) as it’s a nice reminder of time spent in Florence, Italy.

A fun surprise was finding this dragon.



And this cute bird bath & frog – I’m not sure if it is a fountain or if it’s just a ceramic frog at home in the birdbath.


Whimsical frog fountain at Pottery Planet in Los Gatos


One last image – I really cannot do the place justice even with dozens of images, but I thought this green bubbler fountain was gorgeous.


green bubbler fountain


Pottery Planet
15796 Winchester Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 402-3051