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November 08, 2010

Col. Michael Buckley (my grandfather) and me the day he was awarded the POW Medal in 2002.For a list of Veterans Day Events in the San Jose – Los Gatos – Santa Clara County area, please visit my Silicon Valley real estate blog, (“The Valley of Hearts Delight”). The Vetfriends website has more events around California, too – though it doesn’t mention the parade in San Jose, for some reason.

On Veterans Day I especially remember my Grandfather, Col. Michael Buckley, who was the first U.S. POW in World War II, as well as all our loved ones who have served to protect us.  (My granddad passed away in July 2006 at the age of 104.)

We remember our family and friends who are serving now in Afghanistan and Iraq. May God keep them and all of our troops safe.

Certificate naming Colonel Michael Buckley as the first official POW for the US in World War II. It's not an honor he wanted but it is history.