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June 15, 2007

We’ve had more than a decade without a drought in Silicon Valley, but this year, it did return. Our rainfall was off by about a third, and now the delta water has been interrupted due to an endangered smelt, so water is an even bigger issue.

We are being asked to cut our water useage by 10%. It’s voluntary.

If you’ve lived here 15 or more years, you know that this is mild.  In the past, we’ve had actual water rationing and it involved lots of rules (and fines and penalties for using too much H2O), including when you could water your yard (time of day, days of week), how much water you could use in a month and so on.

What can the average Los Gatos resident do to save on the water bill?  First, only water your lawn and garden at night (at least NOT between 10am and 5pm). Use a timer – buy one if need be. Second, shut the water off except when really needed for washing your dishes, face, hands or teeth (and don’t take excessively long showers). Third, only run a full load of dishes or clothes in those machines.

A few small measures can easily cut the water useage by 10%. Let’s do it now, and avoid rationing in the near future!