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July 13, 2007

Funnel web found along the trail at Belgatos Park, Los Gatos, CAIn the sunniest parts of the Belgatos Park trails, the gravely areas just off the paths are filled with funnel spider webs. At first, one family member asserted confidently that these were tarantula webs. But before putting something on my blog, I went to check it out. So I spent (wasted?) over two hours reading up on it today.

Now I’m thoroughly confused, and will probably be having dreams (or nightmares) about spiders all night. Apparently there are all kinds of spiders that make these types of webs. Collectively, they are called Funnel-Web Spiders (Agelenidae). One site says that “aggressive house spiders” (apparently the kind you need to worry about) are a member of this class of spider too.

I did learn that all of these spiders wait until they feel a vibration on their web and then realize that dinner is served – so pop out to grab their prey. I’ll keep my distance!

Funnel web from Belgatos Park (taken with Treo 700P), July 12, 2007.So have a look and see what you think. Any idea who lives in these?
Closeup of same spider web