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Today I’m able to share with you some statistics pulled together from by Timothy Proschold of Sereno Group Los Altos (which he’s given those of us in Sereno permission to share). I thought my readers would really appreciate this statistical history of sales in Los Gatos and Saratoga from 2005 to 2014.

A quick, but important, note on the areas included for Los Gatos.  “Los Gatos”, as a mailing address and as an area searched on the MLS, now includes the Los Gatos Mountains (95033) as well as the “in town” or the unincorporated areas close to town with the zip codes of 95030 and 95032. (This is a recent change in the way MLSListings collects data – and it’s messing with us!)  In the study below, all three of these areas are included.  If you are looking at 95033, these figures will be a bit high, and if you’re considering 95032 or 95030, they will be low.   So while we often do compare and contrast Los Gatos and Saratoga, the gap in pricing will be more acute because of the more rural areas include.   Be that as it may, this is great info that I think you will find very valuable – and thanks again to Tim for compiling it for us!

First, the price per square foot for single family homes (SFH) in Los Gatos and Saratoga (these might shake out differently by school district, price point etc.).

Los Gatos & Saratoga Sales Stats (2005-2014)

Similar patterns overall, but Saratoga is currently making a steeper climb in housing values.

Next,  the median sale price and average days on market (DOM) from 2005 to 2014 for houses or single family homes in Los Gatos.

Los Gatos Single Family home  Median Sale Price and average DOM

And next, the number of sales and volume of Los Gatos home sales from 2005 to 2014.

Los Gatos Single Family home sales history

Now Saratoga CA single family home median sale price and average days on market from 2005 to 2014:

Saratoga median price and average DOM

And lastly Saratoga home sales by number of units and volume from 2005 – 2014.

Saratoga sfh sales volume and price

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