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Bicycle and Pedestrian Overcrossing Project – Blossom Hill Road over Highway 17

Bicycle and Pedestrian Overcrossing Project – Blossom Hill Road over Highway 17

The bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing project will more safely help to convey pedestrians, cyclists, and others over Highway 17 along Blossom Hill Road.

This area is busy with people on skateboards, bikes, scooters, on foot  as there are children going to and from school and residents walking to and from Vasona Lake County Park and Oak Meadow Park. The improvement will be a great boon for their safety. It’s been discussed for years but inch by inch, the project is starting to materialize. They’ve now picked the type of bridge that will be constructed, the box girder. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of 2025.

Today my better half snapped a photo of the sign for the bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing project. In case you haven’t seen it, here is an image:


Photo of the sign along Blossom Hill Road for the bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing project in Los Gatos, CA. This was taken on Blossom Hill Road.

Bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing project will help to prevent tragedies in the future

Locals know that Blossom Hill Road has a speeding problem the entire length of it in town. The Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department does its best to slow the flow of traffic here and throughout the area, but they cannot be everywhere at once.

Earlier this month there was a fatality at Blossom Hill and Belgatos Roads involving one car heading east on Blossom Hill Road and another turning left from Belgatos toward downtown. A crosswalk or light would be helpful in that area. We have seen a lot of officers and what looks like surveyors in that area recently. We are hopeful that safety improvements will be underway here too.

Other injuries and deaths have occurred elsewhere along Blossom Hill Road in Los Gatos, too often cars hitting pedestrians. It seems like every few years it happens again.

That car to person collision is more likely in areas with more non-vehicular traffic, and that’s the situation along the stretch of Blossom Hill Road between Oak Rim and Roberts near and across the Highway 17 overcrossing bridge.

More info

Want to stay current on  this project? Check out all of the information on the town’s website:

Highway 17 Bicycle & Pedestrian Overcrossing Project Page with Updates

Blossom Hill Road Traffic Safety

If you’d like to be notified about this project or other important meetings or discussions, you can sign up online for whatever notifications you prefer from the town here.



Los Gatos Rotary Club Crab Feed

Los Gatos Rotary Club Crab Feed

Los Gatos crabfestEach year the Rotary Club of Los Gatos hosts an “all you can eat” crab feed and auction, the proceeds of which benefit the Los Gatos Charities Foundation.  The 2023 event is Saturday, Feb 4, starting at 5 pm at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 13601 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070.

  • Los Gatos Rotary Charities Foundation
  • Provides grants for local and international non-profits
  • Fund the Need: Project RACHEL – Literacy for Kids in Guatemala
Food Served:
  • Crab, Crab, Crab, Crab
  • Soup (vegetarian), Salad, Bread
  • Pasta (vegetarian)
  • Dessert

In addition to crab, there will also be pasta.  Beer & wine may be purchased too.

Los Gatos Rotary Club Crab Feed cost

The cost is $90 for adults, $40 for kids aged 6-12 (5 and under are free).

Get all the details and a link for purchasing tickets here:

The Monte Sereno real estate market

The Monte Sereno real estate market

Monte Sereno Stained Glass Click Here
The City of Monte Sereno is a popular community bordering Los Gatos, Saratoga, and the Santa Cruz mountains. It’s also quite small, with just about 3,500 residents, so tracking the real estate market trends for the area can be tricky.

Info at a glance (details further below):

  • There were NO sales in December.
    • All sales data for the month of November is based on just 2 closings. That can skew the data pretty quickly!
  • This city is currently in a seller’s market with low inventory, just 7 available homes at the end of December.
  • Closed and pending sales are also shrinking as we enter the holiday season.
  • As of today, Jan 16, 2023, there are 3 available homes for sale, 2 closed sales, 2 pending sales, and 1 contingent sale in Monte Sereno.
    • One of the closed sales sold at 98% of list price and the other at 97% of list price.
    • The average days on market was 37. One house sold in 10 days and the other took 63 to obtain a ratified contract.

The number of houses sold in any given month will always be extremely small and the data will jump around. Checking the Los Gatos market will also help, but the best pulse on the market will come from particular sales in particular neighborhoods.

Houses make up most of Monte Sereno – there are no commercial buildings, just a post office, city hall, some churches or religious grounds, and an elementary school. There are also extremely few residential properties that are not detached single family homes. We don’t track the condo or townhomes in this area as we do in other communities because there just wouldn’t be enough (if any) data for it!

First up for the market analysis is the Altos Research weekly profile for Monte Sereno (uses list prices, not sales). This is updated automatically, so feel free to check this article weekly to see what’s happening now with list prices.



Below is the Monte Sereno Real Estate Report (click to view the complete Real Estate Report).

Trends at a Glance from the RE Report:

December 2022 brought NO closed sales of homes in Monte Sereno.


Trends At a Glance Dec 2022 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $0 (-100.0%) $3,424,000 $5,100,000 (-100.0%)
Average Price $0 (-100.0%) $3,424,000 $5,447,160 (-100.0%)
No. of Sales (-100.0%) 2 (-100.0%)
Pending (+66.7%) 3 (-16.7%)
Active (-12.5%) 8 (+250.0%)
Sale vs. List Price 0.0% (-100.0%) 93.3% 103.7% (-100.0%)
Days on Market (-100.0%) 48 10 (-100.0%)
Days of Inventory (-100.0%) 116 12 (-100.0%)


November 2022

Trends At a Glance Nov 2022 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $3,424,000 (-14.9%) $4,025,000 $4,000,000 (-14.4%)
Average Price $3,424,000 (-37.7%) $5,497,500 $4,900,330 (-30.1%)
No. of Sales (-50.0%) 4 (-33.3%)
Pending (-25.0%) 4 (-62.5%)
Active (-11.1%) 9 (+33.3%)
Sale vs. List Price 93.3% (-4.3%) 97.5% 105.1% (-11.3%)
Days on Market 48 (+171.4%) 18 (+519.6%)
Days of Inventory 116 (+71.9%) 68 58 (+100.0%)

MLS info pulled directly: the charts below all were pulled from MLS


Los Gatos real estate market trends and statistics

Los Gatos real estate market trends and statistics

Los Gatos real estate market graphic with home near downtownAs of today, January 5, 2023, the Los Gatos real estate market in 95030 & 95032 is cooling down further – more inventory, fewer sales, longer days to sell. It’s almost a tale of two markets with some homes priced low and selling fast, sometimes with multiple offers and overbids, and other homes languishing on the market for many months.

Los Gatos real estate market statistics

Here is some Los Gatos real estate market data that I pulled directly from the MLS today.

The image below displays the average days on market (DOM) and the sale price to list price ratio. You can see that in recent months the time it takes to sell a home has gotten much larger, while the sale price to list price ratio has sunk. This is a good way to show how much the market has changed since Spring.

In April we had the peak of overbids, stretching to about 119% of list price. At that point the average days on market was a white hot 7.

In the months following, it’s apparent that a shift is underway generally. We see some fluctuation in both of these data points, but the overall trend is to slower sales and closed sales closer to list price or less. Some of this is seasonally normal. The market is usually at its coolest in December-January. But most of the time it’s not so big of a shift as what we see here.


SFH Average Days on Market and Sale Price to List Price Ratio LG 95030 and 95032



Polar Express holiday display

Polar Express holiday display

The Polar Express holiday display is back Los Gatos once again, thanks to the Mac family, the owners of Oak and Willow Construction. They’ve created an impressive front yard winter wonderland with a big dose of Polar Express, a little Whoville, cameo appearances by Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Santa and some reindeer, a Santa Mailbox, decorated trees, snow people, and more.

This is an expansion of last year’s premiere, which featured the locomotive. Now there’s the passenger car that visitors can enter and enjoy, too!

Polar Express fun in Los Gatos at Flintridge Drive and Corcel Court

Quick facts on the Polar Express holiday display in Los Gatos

15596 Flintridge Drive (at the corner with Corcel Court), Los Gatos CA 95032

December evenings, starting at 6 pm, through Dec 31st.

Due to the pandemic, we are avoiding crowds, so stopped by to take a look during daylight hours. It was gorgeous (despite both daylight and the current storm). It must be even more amazing after sunset with all of the holiday lights on.


Polar Express train engine replica

Click the “more” button to see additional photographs of this fun holiday display.



Kamakura Japanese Restaurant

Kamakura Japanese Restaurant

Kamakura Sushi & Sake House is better known to locals as Kamakura Japanese Restaurant in Los Gatos.  The menu offerings are wider than sushi and sake, though of course they are prominently offered. If you enjoy Japanese food of all kinds, this is a place you’ll be happy to try. I visit there at least a couple of times each year, and would not mind going a lot more often.

Patio dining at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant in the Covid era

Jim Handy enjoying his udon at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant in Los Gatos on Dec 12th. Earlier this week Jim and I enjoyed lunch in the parklet out front at Kamakura. I’m adding comments about our December visit to an older article (below) from pre-Covid days.

We were the first patrons at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant that day, and we asked if we could sit outdoors with the heater on, and the hostess quickly said yes and got us seated there. (Not so long ago I was at another Los Gatos eatery for lunch with clients and I had phoned ahead to see if they would be willing to turn the heaters on for us – it was equally frigid that day – and they said they didn’t know if they had any propane! And those heaters did not get used.)

The metal chairs were initially a little icy (so next time I might bring a sweater to sit on!) but it didn’t take long to be comfortable. The tables are spaced apart at a good distance. That’s not something we see everywhere and we really valued it.

Sometimes when guests are seated outdoors they can be overlooked by the staff. That did not happen in the least. The service was extremely attentive. As always, the food was delicious and hot. Our server and the hostess both brought us refills of our hot tea many times. We were there on a particularly chilly day, December 12, and the hot tea was wonderful to enjoy.

Of special note: many restaurants with crab dishes use a cheaper imitation crab, but Kamakura boasts “real crab” on their menu.


2022-12-12 12.01.28 Patio heater at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant in Los Gatos

Our hostess was also great with the heater when it glitched. At one point it turned off and she quickly moved us to another table (and later was able to get the first heater working.)

The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. It felt like a very Covid-safe setting. The food was memorably good. On a scale of 1 to 10, it warrants at least an 11.

Indoor dining at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant

(Older info and photos are below.)
Kamakura Sushi and Sake House sign - taken at night


English Oaks and Oakwood neighborhood

English Oaks and Oakwood neighborhood

The English Oaks and Oakwood neighborhood consists of two adjacent subdivisions set in a pretty area of west Los Gatos not far from Quito Road and just off of Bicknell Road.

English Oaks

Off the beaten path, the west Los Gatos subdivision or neighborhood named English Oaks offers younger homes with a woodsy, natural environment – including some oak groves which are “common areas” – on spacious lots with lots of elbow room. Immediately adjacent to it, with similarly sized lots and houses (but no common areas), is the Oakwood subdivision or neighborhood.

Below please find a map with approximate boundaries of these neighborhoods. Although I studied the plat maps at length, the county does not lay out the parcels neatly tied together in subdivisions, so ascertaining the boundaries means flipping from page to page and back again. Hence my disclaimer: these boundaries are not exact.


English Oaks and Oakwood neighborhoods in Los Gats

Where is the English Oaks subdivision?

It would be easy to miss the English Oaks neighborhood of Los Gatos as it requires traveling away from the main roads.  This tidy subdivision is located generally off of Quito Road, accessed specifically from Bicknell Road and More Avenue. Streets include:

  • part of Bicknell Road
  • Shire Court
  • Chippendale Court
  • Ash Court
  • Hepplewhite Court
  • part of Montclair Road

If you drive along Montclair Road, especially, you will find lovely pockets of oak trees – they seem like a park, not part of someone’s back yard.  These are the common areas, for which homeowners pay small fees each month.  (And well worth it!  They are lovely!)


Oak Grove in west Los Gatos part of English Oaks area

Oak Grove in west Los Gatos part of English Oaks area


The Oakwood subdivision

A smaller subdivision, but with equally large lots and houses, Oakwood lines part of Bicknell toward the end of the road and all of Smith Creek Drive. (more…)